Message of the Director ORIC

  • Balochistan University of Engineering & Technology is established environmentally advantageous for continues improvements in its effort for providing the highest level of quality education. The university is making its all out efforts to boost its standards through teaching excellence and quality research in a highly challenging environment besides being located at a hard and remote area where researchers and scholars least prefer to provide their services. It due to the great efforts of faculty members and administration that the university graduates are providing quality services throughout the country.QEC is carrying out its utmost efforts with the involvement of entire workforce to obtained highest possible contentment of customers. Our endeavors are to make our students useful to society in particular and to people in general. In dealing with industry, public services and utilities; attempts are being made to maintain standards of reliability as well as excellence. Although maintaining quality in teaching, learning and even purchasing quality material is a hectic and painful job but one who avoids pain does not produce resultant pleasure.

    Dr. Waseem Asghar Khan

    Director ORIC

Administrative Support

Please use this telephone numbers and e-mail address for all enquiries regarding to any research issue.

  • Telephone: +92 (848) 413108
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