Balochistan University of Engineering & Technology, Khuzdar
Balochistan University of Engineering & Technology, Khuzdar

Pain & Reinforced Concrete-II

Prerequisites: Plain and Reinforced Concrete-I

Specific Objectives of course:

  • To enable students to design various reinforced and pre-stressed structural elements using conventional and advanced design approaches.

Course Outline:

Flat Slab, Flat Plate & Waffle Slab: Analysis and design of flat plate, flat slabs and waffle slabs, for flexure and shear under gravity loading.

Slender Columns: Analysis and design of slender columns subjected to combined flexure and axial loading, Guidelines for design of shear walls-an over view.

Design of Different Types of Foundations: Analysis and design of eccentric, strap, strip and mat footings, piles and pile caps, Bouyant Footings.

Stairs, Water tanks, Reservoirs: Analysis and Design of Various Types of Stairs and Staircases, water tanks and reservoirs.

Prestressing Principles & Design Philosophy: Principles of prestressing, properties of high strength materials, Importance of high strength concrete and steel used in prestressing, Behavioral aspects of prestressed beams and comparison with reinforced concrete beams, post tensioning and pre-tensioning techniques, Profiles of post-tensioned tendons, bonded and non-bonded tendons, comparison and hard-ware requirements. Prestress losses, immediate and time dependent losses, lump sum and detailed estimation of prestress loss. Analysis and design of prestressed beams.

Introduction to earthquake resistant design of structures.

Introduction to underwater concreting.

Design of cantilever retaining walls.

Lab Outline:

The Design work and/or experiments related to above mentioned outline shall be covered in the Laboratory/Design class.

Recommended Books:

  • Nilson A.H., Design of Prestressed concrete, John Wiley and Sons, Wiley, 1987
  • James G. MacGregor . Reinforced Concrete Design, Prentice Hall, 6th Edition, 2011
  • Chu-Kia Wang, Charles G. Salmon, José A. Pincheira, Reinforced Concrete Design, Wiley; 7 edition 2006