Balochistan University of Engineering & Technology, Khuzdar
Balochistan University of Engineering & Technology, Khuzdar

Mechanics of Solid-II

Prerequisites: Mechanics of Solids-I

Specific Objectives of course:

  • To develop ability of students to carry out analysis of complex state of stress.
  • To familiarize students about the stability, analysis and failure modes of structure elements.
Course Outline:
Stress Analysis: Analysis of Stress and Strain at a point due to combined effect of axial force, shear force, bending and twisting moment. Mohr’s circle for stress and strain, relationships between elastic constants, strain rosette solution.
Introduction to Theory of Elasticity: Stress tensor, plane stress and plane strain problems and formulation of stress function.
Theory of Yielding/Failure (Plastic Limit Analysis):  for ductile and brittle materials.
Cylinders: Thin, Thick and Compound Cylinders
Column: Stability of columns, conditions of equilibrium, eccentrically loaded columns, initially imperfect columns.
Flat Plates: Introduction, Stress Resultants in a flat plate, strain displacement Relations, Stress-strain-temperature relation of isotropic elastic plates, Strain Energy of plate, Solution of rectangular and circular problems Bending and Buckling of plates.
Curved Beams: Introduction to circumferential and radial stresses in curved beams, Correction of Circumferential Stress in curved beams having I, T-cross section, Unsymmetrical bending, Deflection of curved beams.
Torsion of Thin Walled Tubes and Non-Circular Members: Saint Venant’s semi inverse method, Prandtel’s Elastic Membrane Analogy, Narrow Rectangular Cross-section, Hollow Thin Walled Torsion Members.
Fatigue: Fatigue due to cyclic loading, Discontinuities and Stress Concentration, Corrosion Fatigue, Low Cyclic Fatigue and ɛ-N relations.

Lab Outline:

The Design work and/or experiments related to above mentioned outline shall be covered in the Laboratory/Design class.

Recommended Books:

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  • Arthur P. Boresi. & Richard J. Schmidt, Advanced Mechanics of Materials, John Wiley; 6th edition (October 22, 2002)
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