Balochistan University of Engineering & Technology, Khuzdar
Balochistan University of Engineering & Technology, Khuzdar

English Language Skills

Specific Objectives of course:

  • To enhance English language skills.

 Course Outline:

  • Consulting a dictionary for spelling, pronunciation and meanings,
  • Reading skills: skimming, scanning, intensive reading and improving reading speed,
  • Library resources, listing books (bibliography),
  • Sentence; subject and predicate, kinds,
  • Types and parts of speech, use of articles,
  • Practice in writing a unified correct sentence,
  • Punctuation and spellings,
  • Analysis of sentence structure,
  • Clauses, verbs (transitive and intransitive),
  • Translation (Urdu into English),
  • Paragraph writing,
  • Practice in writing a good, unified and coherent paragraph,
  • Comprehension; answer to questions on a given text,
  • Summary and précis making,
  • Showing of documentaries; reviews of the same,

 Recommended Books:

    • Shafi, S, Mansoor, S and Irfan, H, 1994. Skill Worker: Student Activity Book: B A English for Paper B. 1st ed. Caravan Book House Lahore, Pakistan.
    • Polymer English Grammar and Composition for BA/B.Sc.1994. 1st ed. Polymer Publication Lahore, Pakistan.