Balochistan University of Engineering & Technology, Khuzdar
Balochistan University of Engineering & Technology, Khuzdar

Data Structure & Algorithm

Credit Hours:             3 (Theory) + 1 (Lab)
Pre-requisites:                        Computer Programming


To identify data structures and use them efficiently in algorithms for solving various problems.


  • Standard Data Types, Abstract Data Types (ADT) and their use
  • User defined Data structures
  • Searching and sorting algorithms, and their efficiency
  • Use algorithms in solving various problems



Fundamental data structures, data types, abstract data types, user defined data types, algorithms and their complexity, time-space trade off, arrays, records and pointers, matrices, linked lists, circular lists, two way lists, sequential (array) and linked implementation of stacks and queues, polish notation, recursion, towers of Hanoi, recursive implementation of stacks and queues, priority queues, tree, binary tree, binary search tree, traversals, threaded trees, heap, general trees, graphs, depth-first/breadth first traversal, adjacency matrix, shortest distance algorithms, sorting ,insertion sort, selection sort, merge sort, radix sort), hashing, searching: (linear search, binary search, depth first /breadth first search).

Recommended Text(s):

  • Robert Lafore, Data Structures and Algorithms in Java, 2nd Edition, 2003, Prentice Hall, ISBN: 0-672-32453-9, ISBN-13: 9780672324536
  • Robert Lafore, Object-Oriented Programming in C++, 4th  Edition, 2002, Prentice Hall,
  • ISBN: 0672323087, ISBN-13: 9780672323089


  • Data Structure, Schaums Outline Series