Balochistan University of Engineering & Technology, Khuzdar
Balochistan University of Engineering & Technology, Khuzdar

Construction Engineering

Specific Objectives of course:

  • To familiarize students about different construction methodologies and equipment to be used in carrying out a construction project.
  • To develop ability of students to carry out the construction projects according to drawings and specifications.

Course Outline:

Introduction: Construction projects, Project goals and objectives, Project categories, Building permits, codes and construction standards, Sustainability.

Construction Equipment: Types of equipment, analysis of capital and operating costs, Depreciation and its methods of estimation. Investment costs, Maintenance and repair costs. Productivity and cost effectiveness.

Construction Aspects of Engineering Projects and Layout Techniques: An overview of construction aspects for different types of engineering projects, e.g., buildings, retaining structures, hydraulic structures and pavements. Site selection and orientation of building, Grading considerations, Layout techniques with special reference to buildings.

Construction Methodologies: Methodologies for Excavation in different types of soils and solution of particular problems arising out of condition of sub-soil at site e.g. de-watering, shoring and bracing, sheet piling etc., In-situ and pre-cast concrete construction of buildings, slab on grade, plain cement concrete floors, Planar and non-planar roofing systems. Masonry, doors, windows, floors, building finishes and water proofing. Protection of adjacent Structures. Mechanized construction. Design and use of formwork for various building units/ members. Methods of concreting vertical and horizontal members, including mechanized placement, ready mix concrete etc. Construction joints, Mass concreting, Plinth beams and plinth protection. Planar and non-planar Construction aspects related to services.

Introduction to advanced construction technologies.

Lab Outline:

The Design work and/or experiments related to above mentioned outline shall be covered in the Laboratory/Design class.

Recommended Books:

  1. Fundamentals of Building Construction: Materials and Methods, 5th Edition. Edward Allen
  2. Building Construction: Principles, Materials, and Systems 2009 Update. Medan Mehta, Walter Scarborough and Diane Armpriest.
  3. Construction Methods and Management. Stephens W. Nunnally
  4. Huntington, W.C. Building Construction, John Wiley & Sons. (Latest Edition)
  5. R. L. Peurifoy, W. B. Ledbetter, C. J. Schexnayder, Cliff J. Schexnayder. Construction Planning Equipment and Method. 5th Edition, McGraw-Hill Companies
  6. Thompson J.F., Building Construction, Butterworld London