Balochistan University of Engineering & Technology, Khuzdar
Balochistan University of Engineering & Technology, Khuzdar

Civil Engg Drawing & Graphics

Prerequisites:  Engineering Drawing

Specific Objectives of course:

  • To enable students to prepare and understand architectural and structural drawings.
  • To have sufficient knowledge of working drawings related to civil engineering projects.

Course Outline:
General: Need and requirement of drawings for civil Engineering projects. General nature of drawings, components, symbols and nomenclature needed for specific drawings such as architectural, structural, plumbing, electrical, air-conditioning, roads and earth work etc. Drawings at different stages of projects, elements of perspective drawing

Civil Engineering Drawing: General description of working drawings related to civil engineering projects. e.g. hydraulic structures, drainage structures, , highway and motor way drawings.

Building Drawing: Elements of architectural planning and design, conceptual, schematic and working drawings and details of residential, commercial, religious, recreational, industrial, clinical, hospital, and educational buildings, details of doors, windows, staircases etc.
Elements of structural drawing and detailing: Preparation of foundation plan, structural framing, slab details, staircase details, water tanks, beam and column elevations and sections mostly pertaining to reinforced concrete structures. Details of steel roof truss, connection details and fabrication drawings. Plumbing and electrical detailing pertaining to small residential units.

Computer Aided Drafting: General and basic know how related to computer aided drafting, e.g. co-ordinate system, drawings setup procedure, basic draw commands, basic edit commands, layers, creating text and defining styles options, block and drawing import/export options, cross hatching, save and plot (2D) and isometric drawings

Introduction to Building Information Modelling

Lab Outline: 
Preparation of various drawing sheets related to the course outline will be carried out.

 Recommended Books:

  1. M. Chakarborti, Civil Engineering Drawing, UBS Publications.
  2. Gurcharan Singh, Civil Engineering Drawing, (latest edition). Malik Book Dept., Lahore
  3. George Ormura, Mastering AutoCad 2000, (latest edition). Sybex, 1999
  4. Boughton, B. Reinforced Concrete Detailer’s Manual (Reference Book), HarperCollins, Publishers Ltd. London